The most important facts about turquoise engagement rings

In recent years a new trend has come up in the small universe of engagement rings: More and more couples choose original and slightly uncommon colors for their engagement bands and stones. New materials like black diamonds and pearls are becoming more and more common and are starting to challenge the century old tradition of gold and diamond engagement and wedding rings.

One of the trendiest new comers of the moment are turquoise engagement rings. Turquoise has a reputation for being a sophisticated and elegant color and it’s entry in the arena of engagement rings seems only natural.

turquoise engagement ring

The term “turquoise” may refer to either the color or the gemstone. The color “turquoise” is usually a slightly greenish blue hue but there are several variations with different percentages of blue in the overall color. The pure color “turquoise” is the exact same color as the gemstone. Turquoise blue and celeste are a little more bluish and light turquoise is a bit of a softer color. There are also other hues such as medium turquoise, dark turquoise and pearl mystic turquoise but those are less frequently used for clothes or jewelry.

The word “turquoise” is derived from the French word for “Turkish” “turque” which is probably due to the fact that turquoise gem stones were traditionally imported from Turkey. The color was quite popular among the European aristocracy from the 16th century onward.

Today turquoise is still a popular color among those who favor a sophisticated and classy look and turquoise engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. Turquoise is still a relatively uncommon shade for an engagement ring gemstone which makes it the perfect choice for couples who want to set themselves apart from the gold-and-diamond crowd.

In ancient Eastern cultures turquoise gemstones were linked with good fortune, health and wealth. The turquoise stones had a widespread reputation for being able to cure illnesses and protecting the wearer from unnatural death. Many turquoise stones were worked into talismans or pieces of jewelry that wear meant to protect their wearer. A turquoise engagement ring might also be a great choice if the month of December holds a special meaning for you and your beloved. Turquoise is the birthstone for December.

The unique combination of visual appeal and esoteric meaning of turquoise gemstones continues to attract couples all over the world. Maybe a turquoise engagement ring might be just the right choice for your engagement.

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